You do not have to speak Spanish in order to help your children at home with their Spanish studies. The following ideas are simple suggestions you can utilize at home:

--go to the "Canciones Cheveres," "Children's Songs," "Primary," and "Lower Elementary" pages of this website, and have your child watch the embedded videos

--go to your local library and check out children classic books that are translated into Spanish, especially those books that have an audio version (such as

La oruga muy hambrienta

external image square-small-red.gif THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR - SPANISH BOOK & AUDIOBOOK external image square-small-red.gif

or look for videos online of book audio narrations) For example, click here

--when watching a DVD, change the language preference to Spanish and have your child watch it in the target language

--on the KidsOnDemand channel on your Brighthouse Network tv, choose Spanish language programming

--"hire" a native Spanish-speaker to play with your child using only Spanish language

Read some research articles...see this page on my website:

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